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Catalog is designed to provide access to over 200 different products under the KENTTM brand. It puts our most popular products It puts our most popular products: Lock Case and Cylinders at your fingertips with technical illustrations wherever possible. KENTTM has the largest variety of lock cases and locking solutions to fit every need. This season KENTTM also introduces the iNtellingent series locking solutions with product offerings like biometric door locks and customized digital locking solutions. Please note that while KENTTM endeavors to provide the best product quality much will depend on how you care for your product.

Exposure to chemicals, varnishes and paints will reduce the life and expedite corrosion in even SS 304 products. For best results please ensure that products are installed by well trained and skilled personnel only.
Using KENTTM product ensures that it enhances the beauty of your interiors, forever and ever. Thus, we can proudly say that whenever you buy a piece of KENTTM hardware product, you not only buy a piece of world class decoration but you also buy peace of mind.