Intelligent Hardware

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  • KTDB – U

    Glass Door Bracket | Frameless Glass Door

  • KTDB – 5

    Power Input: 12V DC 0.8 AMP (with reverse polarity), Lock Type: Fail safe lock on power, Installation Style: Concealed Mounted, Dimensions: Bolt Assembly: L 205 X W 34 X H 42 | For cutout Bolt Assembly: L 212 X W 35 X H 43 | Wooden door hole: L 90 X W 24 X D 3

  • KTEM – 300

    Power Input: 12V DC, Holding Force 300 kgs/600lbs, Lock Type: Fail safe lock on power, Installation Style: Surface Mounted, LED Indicator: Yes, Dimensions: Magnet size: L 238 X W 25 X H 48 | Armature plate: L 185 X W 12 X H 38

  • KTEM-U

    Glass Door Bracket | Frameless Glass Door


    Glass Door Bracket

  • KTAC-01

    Access Controller

  • KTPW-01

    Power Supply

  • KTIL – HL 1

    Free handle design, protects lock from vandalism. PVD surface with oil sealed treatment ensures durability. Low power alarm, door ajar alarm. card detecting distance: 0-5cm. 992 audit trail, convenient for hotel management; Japanese “MABUCHI” motor. ANSI lock case with stable structure mechanical key override. Software can interface with Opera, Fidelio. Several computers can share one database at the same time

  • Software

    Hotel Lock and Room Management Works on TCP/IP Network Protocol

  • Card Encoder

    RFID Contact Less- Read/ Write

    Auto cared Detection

    With MIFARE Support

  • Wireless Data Collector

    Data collection and management emergency problem solving Management of Information system and Analysis (This device is optional)

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